House rules - Jadranka Autocamp

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  1. The camp provides infrastructure connections (electricity, water, sanitation) every year from the beginning of April to the end of October.
  2. The camp reception is open according to the schedule written on the reception door. During non-scheduled hours, you can get information on tel. 031800000 or in the restaurant.
  3. Upon arrival at the camp, each guest must REGISTER at the reception desk and present an identity document (valid ID card, passport or driver’s license). For children under the age of one, only birth data is sufficient.
  4. When leaving the camp, every guest must CHECK OUT between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and, if not already, pay the registration fee of €1.50/person, the tourist tax according to the municipal decree and the promotional tax determined by the government of the Republic of Slovenia.
  5. Only guests who have registered at the reception can stay in the camp.
  6. Persons recognized as undeclared are obliged to pay for three nights according to the price list, or, if determined by the camp manager, to leave the camp.
  7. Temporary visitors to the camp must report to the reception and register before entering.
  8. There may be only one vehicle per holiday unit in the camp. The car parking regime must be observed, which you will be informed about upon arrival at the camp reception.
  9. Regarding the owners of caravans, who have paid a year-round flat rate and an additional fee for renting out to third parties, we accept on the basis of valid referrals or of the guest list, which the trailer owners rent out with the contract at the beginning of each season. Pets are not included in the flat rate, so they are billed daily according to the price list.
  10. Maximum of five people can stay in a caravan at a time. Each subsequent person pays for a night’s stay according to the valid price list. According to the price list, the stay of domestic animals in the camp is also paid for. Each additional car is paid according to the price list.
  11. Guests vacationing in the owners’ trailers must also register at the reception with an ID and pay the registration fee and tourist tax. If there are more than five people in the trailer, each additional person must pay for a night’s stay according to the price list.
  12. You will receive the registration number of the plot upon registration. You must place it in a visible place in the trailer or tent and return it to the reception upon check-out.
  13. There must be complete peace in the camp between 24:00 in the evening and 6:00 in the morning. During this time, the entry and exit of vehicles is not possible, except in exceptional cases, such as (transportation of patients, victims, ambulance and intervention vehicles).
  14. At the camp, we do not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items belonging to the guest, nor for accidents or injuries in the camp that occur due to personal carelessness of the guest or a third party.
  15. The camp is not responsible for vehicles parked in or outside the camp
  16. The camp does not assume any responsibility for damage caused by storm, fire or any other force majeure.
  17. The camping area is determined by the camp staff, by agreement, but you must be considerate of the guests who are already camping.
  18. WE SPECIFICALLY ASK YOU TO; take care of order and cleanliness, use water and energy wisely. Parents, accompany the children to the toilets, do not disturb the neighbors and the general peace in the camp with radio and TV sets, musical instruments and otherwise, be perceptive and tolerant of others, especially on weekends, when there are more visitors to the camp.
  19. NOT ALLOWED IN CAMP; light a fire, bring explosive and flammable substances into it, drive faster than 5 km/h, dispose of garbage where there are no containers, dispose of bulky waste, lead dogs without a leash, lead dogs to the bath, encroach on space and land (build, dig ditches, fence areas with wires or a wire fence, sawing or breaking trees, making your own water, communal or electrical wiring and interfering in any way with the arrangement of the camp), using water for washing cars and watering, making additions to and interfering with the surroundings of the caravan camp without the written consent of the camp management.< /li>
  20. Swimming in the camp area is at your own risk.
  21. Camp representatives review applications and check occupancy, which they can do without prior notice.
  22. Guests who are disrespectful to the staff or visibly drunk guests who cause problems may be refused a stay in the camp.
  23. Guests who, despite warnings (or without a warning, if the camp manager deems it so) will violate public order and peace or will not follow the house rules, rules and instructions of the camp, we will ask them to leave the camp or we will prohibit them from staying in the camp. For damage to property or nature in the camp, we reserve the right to charge you a compensation fine equal to the value of the damage.
  24. The reception will deliver one copy of the house rules for the Jadranka camp to all flat rate holders, with which the flat rate holder is obliged to inform the other users of the trailer, or leave it in the trailer. House rules are also available at the reception, restaurant and in the main toilets.

By observing house rules, respecting and being tolerant of fellow human beings, we can create a pleasant stay in the camp.